Meet Mrs. M | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Mrs. M | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Mrs. M

boudoir photography denver colorado bw floor pose smile.jpg

“I want to be more confident.”

How many times have we asked ourselves this question?

I know I have. Sometimes multiple times a day. Confidence really does seem to be the key from which all other things flow. Friendship. Relationships. Career. Successes.

Not that we can’t have those things without confidence, but you know what I mean.

Without confidence, doubt seems to always find a way to creep in and sabotage things.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that we can grow our confidence. We can increase our confidence in an activity through practice. We can strengthen our confidence in our relationships and friendships through communication and trust. We can achieve confidence in our career through learning, mentoring, and preparation.

A trip to Under the Garter is a journey of confidence. From the moment you email us about booking a boudoir session, we give you information to make informed decisions. We guide you through the process of looking and feeling your best!

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boudoir photography denver bw portrait chair.jpg

Mrs. M recently experienced this for herself.

I emailed Under the Garter and within the same day I had a response. Very easy process.
— Mrs. M

We know how intimidating the entire process can feel. That’s why we listen and communicate with you every step of the way.

Not many people know this, but a successful boudoir session starts before you even step foot in the building. We supply you with information to look and feel like a deity.

boudoir photography denver fur candles.jpg
The tips about prepping your skin was amazing. It helped tremendously!
— Mrs. M

By the time you step foot in our LoHi neighborhood studio in Denver, any doubts you might still have will be eliminated when you sit down with our world class hair and makeup artists.

This is the same treatment that supermodels receive for international photo shoots. And the best part? They love giving you little tips and tricks you can use at home!

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boudoir photography denver blue velvet couch.jpg

Working with Ray inspires its own kind of confidence. Being an internationally published photographer means that he knows how to work with you, the light, and the vintage furniture in our studio to help you look stunning.

Afterwards, when you get to your photo reveal, the effect is complete.

boudoir photography denver slip lace.jpg
I still can’t believe it’s me. Definitely feel more confident about myself today!
— Mrs. M

Though we’ve helped hundreds of people increase their confidence, it still feels powerful and amazing every time we see someone look at themselves with new eyes.

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boudoir photography denver black lace slip.jpg
boudoir photography denver colorado red slip reveal.jpg


recover your mojo | boudoir photography | denver


recover your mojo | boudoir photography | denver

Recover Your Mojo

boudoir photography denver white lace mom.jpg
boudoir photography denver redhead mom.jpg

Having kids is one of the single most awesome and excruciating things that a person can do. 

We love our kids. Especially after they finally stay in bed after getting up for the umpteenth time. 

We’d do anything for them. We’d run into a burning building to rescue them. We’d wrestle a bear to save them. Hell, if we were starving on a deserted island, we’d give them our last piece of chocolate. 

Well, maybe half of our last piece of chocolate. 

The point is, that we love our kids, but damned if raising them isn’t exhausting and stressful. 

I remind myself over and over again that it’s worth it, even as I find another gray hair or discover yet another wrinkle sneaking its way onto my face. (For real, it should be illegal. I’m not THAT old!)

And that much sleep deprivation has a way of playing tricks on you. Like making you think that you lost your mojo. Even when all of your friends, lovers, and family tell you otherwise. 

I mean, they’re kind of required to say nice things about you, right? 

I understand all of this. Not only from hearing it from so many of our clients, but from living through it myself. 

That’s why I know of the transformative power of boudoir photography.  

Let’s face it. We want to look better than good. We want to look sexy.

We want to exude that same mojo that got us our lover and snagged us all of those kids in the first place. 

That’s why Under the Garter gives you a world class experience. We treat you. We spoil you. We help you craft a perfect look for your session. We pose you. And then we capture you in all of your badass glory. 

Because, at the end of the day, this is all about you. About letting your natural beauty shine through. About capturing that elusive bit of essence that everyone loves about you. 

We do it by sending you a preparation list to help your hair and skin look their best.

We do it by only working with one person each day so that you never feel rushed, only relaxed. 

We do it by working with the best hair stylists and makeup artists in Denver.

We do it by working with you to carefully select outfits that compliment and accentuate your natural beauty. 

We do it by spoiling you with champagne and chocolate and helping you feel like you’re the royalty that you are. 

That way, when you get to your photo reveal, you can see finally yourself as others see you: as a being of pure beauty. 

boudoir photography denver mom blue velvet.jpg
boudoir photography denver wet tshirt mom.jpg
boudoir photography denver colorado black lace mom.jpg
boudoir photography denver ripped fishnets mom.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace bodysuit.jpg
boudoir photography denver red fur black lace mom.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace mom.jpg



Meet Mrs. H | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Mrs. H | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Mrs. H

boudoir photography denver couch windows bodysuit.jpg
boudoir photography denver standing bodysuit.jpg

Being one of Denver’s best boudoir studios comes with a lot of responsibility.

We love what we do! In order to keep photographing the wonderful people of Colorado, we craft the entire boudoir experience with your comfort in mind.

That includes protecting your privacy!

“Do I have to put my pictures on your blog?”

We get that question a lot.

The answer is a quick and emphatic NO!

You are in complete and total control of your photographs.

The photos you see here on our blog (and the rest of our website, social media, etc.) are here because our clients have graciously signed a waiver allowing us to use their photos and write about their experience.

Even then, we only share within your comfort level!

Clients can allow us to share all of their photos or just ones that still allow for anonymity.

And, of course, we NEVER share a client’s real name.

Mrs. H recently visited our LoHi neighborhood studio for a luxurious boudoir session.

A self-professed Type A personality, she said had an amazing experience from the very start.

I loved all the information sent before my session. I felt totally prepared!
— Mrs. H
boudoir photography denver red velvet suit jacket.jpg

When you’re comfortable, you take your best pictures! Which is especially important with boudoir photography. From your first email to your follow up survey, we craft every encounter with your comfort and ease in mind.

Melissa was a joy to work with, she answered any questions I had promptly and made sure I was ready for my shoot. The hair and makeup ladies were so fun! I adored chatting with them while they made me pretty. Ray is AWESOME! He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  Start to finish every interaction with Under the Garter was fantastic!
— Mrs. H
boudoir photography denver black lace bodysuit fireplace.jpg

Boudoir is about so much more than the photos you get. It’s about creating an experience that will last a lifetime. It’s about seeing yourself through the lens that your lover sees you.

Seeing my portraits for the first time was a little emotional. I thought to myself,  “There’s the woman I’ve been missing!” I felt sexy during the shoot but seeing the proof on screen was a self confidence boost!
— Mrs. H
boudoir photography denver lace velvet couch.jpg

And that’s really the most significant part of the experience: the change you experience from seeing yourself through the lens of our internationally published photographer.

It creates a ripple effect that starts deep within yourself and extends outward to your partner and then to your entire world. The confidence boost many of clients experience is priceless!

At that point, boudoir becomes much more than a custom wedding, anniversary, or birthday present.

Boudoir is a gift from yourself to yourself!

boudoir photography denver black lace bodysuit candles.jpg
boudoir photography denver bodysuit red shoes.jpg
boudoir photography denver velvet couch bodysuit.jpg


We LOVE this men's intimate wear | Boudoir Photography | Denver


We LOVE this men's intimate wear | Boudoir Photography | Denver

We LOVE this men’s intimate wear

boudoir photography denver viktor men underwear chair.jpg
boudoir photography denver viktor men underwear.jpg

We love promoting intimate wear on our website, but it’s not often we have a recommendation for our male and masculine presenting clients.

All of that changes today.

Say hello to Viktor.

Their website says they’re the world’s most comfortable, best looking underwear and we have to agree.

We’ve seen all of their products and believe me when I say these are THE SOFTEST underwear I’ve ever touched. Honestly, I’m tempted to buy a pair for myself. You’re definitely going to want to buy them for a special someone in your life.

We all talk a lot about self care when it comes to women, but it’s just as important for men. And wearing these super soft, luxurious underwear all day will definitely feel like self care. And, as you can see, they’re pretty damn sexy so they’re going to feel like self care for you when he takes off his pants. ;)

The very best part? Under the Garter clients and fans get 15% off their orders! Just use the discount code underthegarter15 at checkout!

(Photos provided by Viktor) (No, this isn’t a sponsored post. We just really love their product).

boudoir photography denver viktor underwear vertical.jpg


Black Friday in May is HERE | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Black Friday in May is HERE | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Black Friday in May is HERE!

boudoir photography denver black friday in May
boudoir photography denver crystal thumb drive black friday.jpg

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! It’s Black Friday in May!

For a VERY limited time, we’ll be offering session fees for ONLY $199! That’s 50% off!

We’re really focused on pampering our clients, so each session includes:

  • Champagne or sparkling water

  • Chocolates and snacks

  • A professional makeover courtesy of our hair and makeup team

  • A 2-hour session where we’ll make you feel like a supermodel

  • A gift bag full of high-end beauty and skincare products

We'll coach your every move from behind the camera, from your hair to your toes. You'll feel like a real supermodel (no experience necessary).

But that’s not all! We’re also offering ALL of the edited digital portraits from your session (on our gorgeous crystal thumb drive, of course) for ONLY $1350! That’s 50% off!

boudoir photography denver custom smartphone app.jpg

To further sweeten the deal, the first FIVE clients will receive a FREE custom smartphone app!

Please note, these deals are for NEW sessions only. Products and session fees are nonrefundable. These deals cannot be combined with any other offers or deals. To quality for these deals, your session MUST be held by July 31, 2019.

Wanna grab these deals? Contact us at or below!

Name *


Meet Ms. B | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Ms. B | Boudoir Photography | Denver

boudoir photography denver lace bodysuit long legs.jpg
boudoir photography denver laughing smile blue blanket.jpg

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Honeydew who?

Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?

Our recent session with Ms. B got me thinking about how boudoir is like a good joke. Except, instead of a punchline, you have an amazing moment of self-actualization.

We had so much fun with Ms. B! From the initial emails, we knew that we were going to have a blast working with her.

From the moment she walked into our Denver, Colorado studio, we knew this would be a special experience for her.

We went right to work. If you call chocolate, champagne, getting primped by the best makeup and hair specialists in Denver work. Which we do!

Everyone was amazing and welcoming.  You don’t expect to tell knock knock jokes when lying on the floor in your lingerie. But that’s how comfortable and fun the experience was. From the warm welcome Melissa gave, to the early morning giggles with the hair and makeup artists, to Ray taking time to give you a few tips and, really, reminding you to just be yourself . . . it felt like an adventure with friends.
— Ms. B
boudoir photography denver laughing red vintage chaise.jpg

Everyone has a different reason for getting a boudoir session.

From one-of-a-kind gifts for weddings and anniversaries to memorializing one’s point in life, we love learning everyone’s reasons.

I made the decision to do the boudoir photos as a gift to myself because I had been through a lot last year and decided to make 2019 The Year of Me.
— Ms. B
boudoir photography denver orange chair plants fireplace.jpg
boudoir photography denver orange chair regal blue slip.jpg

Regardless of the reason, it’s a journey that often changes people. We love going on that journey with our clients!

We work within the comfort level of all of our clients. Ms. B felt most comfortable swapping jokes with us. I love that contrast of sensual poses with absolutely corny humor!

There was so much shared laughter during the shoot! Ray made it clear that some of the best shots he takes are the unabashedly “you” shots, where you are laughing or not actively thinking “be sexy” or “be seductive.” We told bad “Dad” puns and knock knock jokes and laughed while I contracted my muscles and Ray climbed up over and under furniture to get the best shot. The most amazing thing is that, in a lot of the photos, Ray captured my personality exactly ... but he could not have done so had I not felt as comfortable as I did.
— Ms. B
boudoir photography denver blue slip vintage fur.jpg

The end result can be seen in the photos. Absolutely gorgeous and spell-binding.

But the best part, for us, is helping people complete their journey of self-actualization and growth in confidence.

I never thought of myself as model material. For the first time in my life, I saw a beautiful and vibrant woman before me. My boyfriend came with me to the reveal and admitted that, when I got choked up, he did too ... because he saw me seeing myself as he sees me and he honored to see that awakening. He also later said, “My girlfriend is hot AF,” which was a wildly entertaining and amazing compliment for someone who never saw herself as anything more than adorable and cute.
— Ms. B
boudoir photography denver bed pose.jpg

No punchline there. Only the reveal. The reveal of the way your lovers really see you.

boudoir photography denver redhead blue slip.jpg
boudoir photography denver stockings mirror.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw floor pose dramatic.jpg
boudoir photography denver louboutins stockings.jpg
boudoir photography denver fireplace candles legs.jpg
boudoir photography denver mantle blue couch.jpg
boudoir photography denver slip velvet couch.jpg
boudoir photography denver player ready one nasa.jpg
boudoir photography denver ready player one glasses.jpg


Black Friday in May is Coming! | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Black Friday in May is Coming! | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Black Friday in May is Coming!

boudoir photography denver orange chair plants.jpg
custom boudoir smartphone app.jpg

Black Friday in May? That’s right. We’re feeling extra generous this year, so we’re going to be offering some of our Black Friday deals THIS WEEK!

What sorts of deals will we be offering?

Think 50% off session fees.

Amazing deals on digital images on our gorgeous crystal thumb drive.

And we’re offering an added perk that we’ve never offered before:

The first FIVE clients will receive a FREE custom app!

So, make sure you sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on your email!

You won’t want to miss these deals!

They’re gonna go FAST!

Sign up to be the first to know about deals!

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Meet Mrs. M | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Mrs. M | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Mrs. M

boudoir photography denver silhouette cleavage.jpg

When thinking about the perfect gift for your loved one, how often do you get stuck?

I know I do.

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of typical gifts. Jewelry. Power Tools. Flowers. Cards.

The dreaded tie.

Ugh. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wandered around the men’s section of various stores in the mall trying to imagine what Ray would want or use.

Really, I get desperate to find something that won’t end up at the back of the closet or gathering dust in the garage.

That’s why personalized gifts can be so amazing.

I’ve talked with my friends and it can be the simplest things that make the most impact. Poems. Pictures. A movie date. A romantic dinner.

But what if you want to go the extra step? And make it a surprise?

(I tried to do it recently with my own boudoir session. Read it here!)

It’s one of the top reasons why people come to us. A boudoir session is such a perfect gift.

boudoir photography denver unzip dress smile.jpg

Mrs. M recently came to us with a similar goal. She wanted to surprise her husband with a professional photography session.

It doesn’t hurt that the experience comes with the highest degree of luxury. From the moment she walked through the door of our LoHi Denver studio, she was treated like royalty!

Champagne. Chocolate. Professional hair and make-up. Plus expert help in getting you to feel at ease and look your best!

boudoir photography denver red vintage chaise lace.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace slp smile.jpg
The staff was friendly and professional and certainly put any nerves I had at ease! Melissa went far beyond my expectations in providing information to help prepare and took time to help me find shoes! She was incredible.
— Mrs. M

Everything we do is with a single goal in mind: to help you look your best!

I absolutely loved the portraits, they were incredibly natural yet gave me a sense of confidence I have never felt before.
— Mrs. M

Sophisticated and Classy. We use vintage furniture including a red chaise, an iron bed, and a vanity that helps gives your photographs a timeless sense of sensuality.

Through it all, we help you find your best poses. Some people feel a little sore the next day. Which is a perfect excuse to book a post-boudoir massage!

boudoir photography denver lace slip long hair.jpg

The best part, though, is the feedback we get from our clients. We love hearing about the reactions of the gift-receiver.

And what did Mr. M think?

My husband loved them!
— Mrs. M
boudoir photography denver blue lace brunette.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace slip.jpg

That’s one of our favorite parts of boudoir. Helping install confidence in our clients plus fanning the fires of their romance!

It’s the gift not likely to gather dust!

boudoir photography denver blue velvet couch red lace bra.jpg
boudoir photography denver velvet couch lace bra.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw slip bed.jpg
boudoir photography denver unzip dress.jpg
boudoir photography denver leather jacket.jpg