Meet Mrs. M | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Mrs. M | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Mrs. M

boudoir photography denver silhouette cleavage.jpg

When thinking about the perfect gift for your loved one, how often do you get stuck?

I know I do.

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of typical gifts. Jewelry. Power Tools. Flowers. Cards.

The dreaded tie.

Ugh. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wandered around the men’s section of various stores in the mall trying to imagine what Ray would want or use.

Really, I get desperate to find something that won’t end up at the back of the closet or gathering dust in the garage.

That’s why personalized gifts can be so amazing.

I’ve talked with my friends and it can be the simplest things that make the most impact. Poems. Pictures. A movie date. A romantic dinner.

But what if you want to go the extra step? And make it a surprise?

(I tried to do it recently with my own boudoir session. Read it here!)

It’s one of the top reasons why people come to us. A boudoir session is such a perfect gift.

boudoir photography denver unzip dress smile.jpg

Mrs. M recently came to us with a similar goal. She wanted to surprise her husband with a professional photography session.

It doesn’t hurt that the experience comes with the highest degree of luxury. From the moment she walked through the door of our LoHi Denver studio, she was treated like royalty!

Champagne. Chocolate. Professional hair and make-up. Plus expert help in getting you to feel at ease and look your best!

boudoir photography denver red vintage chaise lace.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace slp smile.jpg
The staff was friendly and professional and certainly put any nerves I had at ease! Melissa went far beyond my expectations in providing information to help prepare and took time to help me find shoes! She was incredible.
— Mrs. M

Everything we do is with a single goal in mind: to help you look your best!

I absolutely loved the portraits, they were incredibly natural yet gave me a sense of confidence I have never felt before.
— Mrs. M

Sophisticated and Classy. We use vintage furniture including a red chaise, an iron bed, and a vanity that helps gives your photographs a timeless sense of sensuality.

Through it all, we help you find your best poses. Some people feel a little sore the next day. Which is a perfect excuse to book a post-boudoir massage!

boudoir photography denver lace slip long hair.jpg

The best part, though, is the feedback we get from our clients. We love hearing about the reactions of the gift-receiver.

And what did Mr. M think?

My husband loved them!
— Mrs. M
boudoir photography denver blue lace brunette.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace slip.jpg

That’s one of our favorite parts of boudoir. Helping install confidence in our clients plus fanning the fires of their romance!

It’s the gift not likely to gather dust!

boudoir photography denver blue velvet couch red lace bra.jpg
boudoir photography denver velvet couch lace bra.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw slip bed.jpg
boudoir photography denver unzip dress.jpg
boudoir photography denver leather jacket.jpg


Meet Ms. K | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Ms. K | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Ms. K

boudoir photography denver lace pearls fur.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace pearls candles.jpg

Too many times, we come up with excuses about why we don’t deserve nice things. About why we shouldn’t take care of ourselves. About why we should never put ourselves first.

But let’s admit it… it feels good to put ourselves first once in awhile.

Having some “me” time helps keep us refreshed and recharged enough to tackle the day and care for our loved ones.

Sure, there’s the typical “me” activities. A little wine. Some yoga. Maybe a rom-com here or there.

What about “me” time that not only indulges you, but celebrates you?

(You know where I’m going with this…)

Have you thought about trying a little boudoir? Hmmm?

boudoir photography denver smile earrings.jpg

It’s not just because we own a boudoir studio in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

It’s not just because we get to work with the best stylists, makeup artists, and wedding planners to make unique gifts.

It’s not just because we love helping so many amazing people look (and feel) their best.

It’s also because of the feedback we get from our amazing clients of how good and empowered they feel after a boudoir session.

Ms. K recently completed a wonderful boudoir session and she shared with us what how much she enjoyed her experience.

It was a classy, extremely comfortable experience. You are made to feel gorgeous throughout the entire time you’re there and everyone is professional and fun.
— Ms. K
boudoir photography denver couch smile.jpg

A great session means great chemistry. And our studio was buzzing with chemistry!

The hair and makeup staff was SO wonderful and friendly, I felt like I was getting ready for a night out with my girlfriends! Melissa was SO sweet from start to finish and Ray was friendly, funny, and very professional (dad jokes and all) throughout the entire shoot.
— Ms. K
boudoir photography denver white business shirt.jpg

You look your best when you feel your best. So everything we do is crafted to help you sink into the luxury of the experience.

It’s a classy, extremely comfortable experience. You are made to feel gorgeous throughout the entire time you’re there and everyone is professional and fun.
— Ms. K

Ms. K bought this session as a gift to herself. Which is an amazing gift of self-love for such an amazing human being!

Thanks to Ray, Melissa, and the stylists for making this such an amazing experience! It’s easy to forget how beautiful we ALL are and how ALL shapes and sizes are beautiful. Under the Garter makes sure that you are reminded by capturing your beauty in a fun and classy way!
— Ms. K

So, no matter what you decide to do, remember to schedule your own “me” time. And if you decide to indulge in a boudoir session, we would love to share that journey with you!

boudoir photography denver brunette fringe.jpg
boudoir photography denver bed gold mirror fringe.jpg
boudoir photography denver fringe brunette.jpg
boudoir photography denver floor pose fringe lingerie.jpg
boudoir photography denver eyes red lips.jpg
boudoir photography denver vintage red chaise.jpg
boudoir photography denver red lingerie.jpg
boudoir photography denver fringe lingerie.jpg


Meet Ally & Melissa | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Ally & Melissa | Boudoir Photography | Denver

boudoir photography denver velvet bodysuit.jpg

Meet Ally & Melissa

boudoir photography denver redhead bodysuit gold mirror.jpg

So, what does the wife of a boudoir photographer do when she wants to gift her husband with a boudoir session, but she also wants it done in her studio and needs to keep it a secret from said husband?

She cooks up a little plan with her longtime makeup artist, they rent a camera and tell Ray that they’re just “playing with makeup upstairs.”

Okay, in all honestly, I married a very bright man who figures things out quickly.

And he married a woman who can’t keep a secret to save her damn life, so he definitely knew what we were up to upstairs.

This blog post could easily be called “why you should leave boudoir to the professionals,” because our day was full of chaos.

When you book a session with us, you’re surrounded by professionals who are catering to your every need.

The entire day is effortless (aside from that difficult posing!). You have a hair and makeup team transforming you in one room, while I’m in the other room putting together perfect outfits. There’s champagne and chocolate. Soft music is playing.

boudoir photography denver lace bodysuit bed pose.jpg

But when you’re trying to do everything yourself, things get messy quickly.

Two rooms looked like a lingerie store had been hit by a tornado, there was no one to offer champagne or chocolate and I’m pretty sure I was the most fidgety and nervous client Ally has ever had to deal with. She may or may not have had to remind me to sit still.

Oh, and she had to apply her own makeup at the same time.


I don’t recommend it.

And yet, somehow in the middle of all of that chaos, we were able to create some really beautiful portraits.

Let’s just say I had a very happy husband on Christmas morning.

Wanna see what we created? Keep scrolling!

boudoir photography denver curly brunette lace bodysuit.jpg
boudoir photography denver bodysuit ear jacket.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace bodysuit gold mirror.jpg
boudoir photography denver red hair vintage bed.jpg
boudoir photography denver velvet bodysuit legs.jpg
boudoir photography denver teal bodysuit.jpg
boudoir photography denver silhouette.jpg
boudoir photography denver teal velvet bodysuit brunette.jpg
boudoir photography denver teal bodysuit gold mirror.jpg
boudoir photography denver redhead bodysuit tattoos.jpg
boudoir photography denver bed pose velvet.jpg
boudoir photography denver redhead makeup.jpg
boudoir photography denver wall pose redhead bodysuit.jpg
boudoir photography denver bed pose redhead.jpg
boudoir photography denver plants chair.jpg


Meet Mrs. R | Boudoir Photography | Denver

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Meet Mrs. R | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Mrs. R

boudoir photography denver harry potter coat tattoos.jpg

There is this mistaken belief that boudoir is all about conforming to some fake stereotypical “supermodel” standard.

Vacant faces. Forced poses. Stock lingerie.


Boudoir is all about self expression! Just a part of yourself that few many ever get to see. ;)

That’s why we love it when people bring in their favorite outfits and props! Denver is full of some of the most creative people on the planet. And it definitely shows!

Mrs. R came to our LoHi Denver Boudoir studio wearing along Harry Potter style coat. It looked fantastic! So we naturally found a way to incorporate it into her session.

boudoir photography denver harry potter coat tattoo.jpg
Want to go a little crazy? Wear something that you didn’t think you could ever pull off! You’d be so surprised how amazing you look! You don’t realize how gorgeous you truly are sometimes and this just really shows you that!
— Mrs. R
boudoir photography denver back tattoos.jpg

This was Mrs. R’s second time with us, so she knew what to expect with the luxury photography session. Chocolate. Champagne. Professional hair and makeup.

The hair and makeup ladies did everything so fast! I am a tomboy at heart, so I’ve never been really big into fancy makeup or hair. They literally transformed me into a vixen! My husband absolutely adored how my eyes turned out.
— Mrs. R

Another misconception people have about a luxury boudoir session is that it’s serious. The truth is that we work within your comfort level. Anything to get your feeling relaxed and at your best!

boudoir photography denver smile lace slip.jpg
boudoir photography denver tattoos lace slip.jpg
Ray makes you feel super comfortable and doesn’t pressure you to do any pose or outfit that would be beyond your comfort level. He’s super funny and just kept cracking “dad jokes” throughout the whole session. I love silly humor so it was perfect.
— Mrs. R
boudoir photography denver burgundy bodysuit fireplace.jpg

With her second boudoir session, Mrs. R decided to push her boundaries more… to amazing results! Her confidence and spunk shine through in every photo!

I went a lot more risqué this second time around. I have always been self conscious about my breasts and the portraits made me super happy about them! I was even brave enough to do completely topless shots! They made me feel super beautiful.
— Mrs. R
boudoir photography denver tattoos mandala glasses.jpg
boudoir photography denver pink lace booty.jpg

She knew this time around that boudoir is about more than just the photos. It’s about the entire experience!

It’s a spa-like atmosphere with a professional, internationally-published photographer who can help you explore your sensually creative side.

The new studio gives a whole other feeling to the pictures and gave a warmer experience. The viewing was very intimate and lovely. I am reusing the same words over and over again but EVERYTHING about Under the Garter is fantastic!
— Mrs. R
boudoir photography denver lace tattoos smile.jpg
boudoir photography denver burgundy lace bodysuit.jpg
boudoir photography denver vintage cameras candles.jpg
boudoir photography denver tattoos glasses.jpg
boudoir photography denver tattoos glasses blue eyes.jpg

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Meet Mr. A | Male Boudoir | Denver

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Meet Mr. A | Male Boudoir | Denver

Meet Mr. A

male boudoir photography denver dudoir suit mirror reflection.jpg

Ladies, I want to let you in on a little secret:

Guys like feeling sexy, too.

We love it when you run your fingers through our hair (or lack thereof!)

Or when you squeeze our forearms and shoulders.

Or when you work your way very slowly to that very special place…teasing and tantalizing, but with enjoyment plain as day on your face.


Guys, now I’m going to tell you a secret:

Boudoir is not just for the ladies. And I’m not telling you that just because I’m a boudoir photographer here in Denver.

While you enjoy these awesome pictures of Mr. A, I’m going to tell you some of the many benefits of boudoir for dudes, or dudeoir.

1. Sexy pictures = sexy time.

I’m putting this first because, let’s face it, you’re probably thinking about it.

And it’s true.

It doesn’t matter your age, body type, or if you’re secretly a lizard person wearing a human suit.

Getting professional photographs make you look sexy af.

Your partner will love them. Your Tinder date will love them. Hell, your friends and family will probably awkwardly love them when you post them to Facebook to strut your virtual stuff!

male boudoir photography denver dudoir suit chandelier.jpg
male boudoir photography denver dudoir suit smiling laughing.jpg
male boudoir photography denver dudoir unzipping pants.jpg

2. Your new wingman.

Think of my camera as your wingman. It’s got your back to make you look freaking awesome! Your partner will be using these pictures as your new avatar in their phone. Everytime you text them, they’ll be reminded of how much they’re attracted to you!

male boudoir photography denver dudoir shower water.jpg

3. Confidence booster.

I get it. You’re a manly man. So manly that you don’t need a confidence booster since your confidence could make Chuck Norris wilt by being in your presence.

But let’s say that you want even more confidence. You’re like the blob, but with confidence. The Blobfidence. Don’t worry, it’ll catch on one day.

Then seeing yourself from a dudeoir session will change your mother-freaking life.

Want to see how sexy you are through your partner’s rose-colored glasses? Then check it out through our classy black and white lense!

Once you’re done, you’ll be saying, “Hell, I’d make out with me, too!

male boudoir photography denver dudoir robe bald beard.jpg
male boudoir photography denver dudoir robe bald.jpg

4. Because you don’t get spoiled enough.

I mean, not like this you don’t.

Sure, there’s the classic standby of beer, wings, and the game.

But, seriously. You got to try it.

Getting your skin and hair professionally done. Getting dressed (and undressed) to the nines. Getting posed and photographed.

And then, getting to see all your hard work pay off during your photo reveal!

Three Words:

Your. Partner. Will. Love. It.

Ok. Five words. But you get the gist.

male boudoir photography denver dudoir lumberjack.jpg
male boudoir photography denver dudoir vintage pinup.jpg
male boudoir photography denver glasses portrait.jpg
male boudoir photography denver dudoir loosen tie.jpg
male boudoir photography denver dudoir pulling underwear.jpg

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Meet Ms. C | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Ms. C | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Ms. C

I feel fortunate to be doing boudoir photography in Denver. Not only are the people here amazing and we have some of the best landscapes in the entire world, the sense of entrepreneurship is unparalleled.

Take Easy Float for example.

It’s a Denver business that specializes in sensory deprivation. It helps promote rest, healing, and relaxation!

And they extend a special discount to clients of Under the Garter Boudoir!

Our recent client, Ms. C, took advantage of this perk, plus all of the other amazing things we offer as part of our boudoir experience.

boudoir photography denver booty legs heels.jpg
boudoir photography sheer lace pearls long hair.jpg

Because that’s thing: boudoir is about so much more than sensual photos!

It’s about the entire journey, start to finish, all of the amazing things you get to experience, PLUS coming away with a beautiful keepsake that will last you the rest of your life!

In a world full of too many things with planned obsolescence, isn’t it great to invest in something with extremely high quality that is MEANT to last?

boudoir photography denver sheer sweater.jpg
My fiancée was over the moon and can’t wait to get the leather folio.
— Ms C

Even more than that, the boudoir experience tends to positively change those who go through the process.

boudoir photography denver bodysuit black lace.jpg
boudoir photography denver white lace robe sheer pearls.jpg

Too many of us experience that constant state of self-sacrifice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love helping other people. I love making sure that the people in my life know that I love them and care about them.

It’s equally as important to take care and spoil yourself, too!

boudoir photography denver bridal sheer dress.jpg

Ms. C got to undergo the full boudoir experience!

My favorite part would have to be just being able to open up and really seeing myself from others perspective. It was really awesome playing dress up and to feel like a model for a day.
— Ms C

One thing we hear over and over again is the experience of getting a professional hair and makeup makeover. Ally does a tremendous job listening to you, to fulfill your vision, and to make you look your best! Plus, so many people come away with new tips and tricks!

boudoir photography denver laughing sweater socks.jpg
Ally did an amazing job on my make up and my hair was perfect exactly how I envisioned it.
— Ms C

We know how intimidating it can feel to do a boudoir session. That’s why we craft the entire experience to be as painless as possible from the initial email! Everything we do is with your comfort and satisfaction in mind.

Do it! It’s so much fun and you completely forget your nervous after the first 2 photos because you’re so focused trying to pose. Ray does a phenomenal job making you feel comfortable and Melissa really helps you out every step of the way.
— Ms C
boudoir photography denver sheer sweater knee high socks.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace bodysuit floor pose.jpg
boudoir photography denver couch mirror candles.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw couch mantle.jpg


Meet Ms. A | Boudoir Photography | Denver

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Meet Ms. A | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Ms. A

boudoir photography denver bodysuit mirror reflection blonde.jpg
boudoir photography denver bodysuit chandelier bw.jpg

The world population just hit 7.5 BILLION people for the very first time.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed getting through traffic or visiting the supermarket, much less imagining the sheer scope of fitting 7.5 billion people on this tiny blue marble rolling through space.

But when I think about every individual person, about their hopes and dreams, about their struggles and hardships, I’m left with a deep feeling of awe and amazement.

Even though there are so many people on this planet, one thing is certain: we are all unique in our own ways.

I see it every day at Under the Garter.

Luxury boudoir has a way of stripping away (literally and figuratively) the artifices that people use to surround themselves.

What we’re left with is the bare essence of a person.

And it’s always beautiful.

We loved working with Ms. A, recently.

And we especially loved her reasons for doing a boudoir session in our Denver studio.

I did this to feel comfortable in my skin again.
— Ms. A
boudoir photography denver bodysuit fishnets wall pose.jpg

We’ve seen over and over that the boudoir experience is so much more impactful for the person in the photos than the ever anticipated. That experience is only amplified when the session is for their own benefit and growth.

Earlier in the year I had an intense breakup that resulted in me gaining weight and being the heaviest I’d been in years.
— Ms. A
boudoir photography denver booty fishnets bodysuit.jpg

Every one of us is unique. And beautiful. And loveable. And worthy. No matter what happened in the past.

I’ve gone through my own long and intense journey to get to this place and I LOVE helping others find their own self-love. More often than not, it means celebrating the things that make you unique!

boudoir photography denver bodysuit fishnets wall.jpg

We were honored and thrilled when Ms. A stepped in our LoHi neighborhood Denver studio with her swagger and outfits.

It was a mix of something old and something new! We’re located in one of the oldest buildings in Denver (built in 1889!) filled with vintage furniture including a chaise, iron bed, and an exquisite vanity.

Then check out the juxtaposition with her amazing Spiderman bodysuit and Star Wars jacket!

boudoir photography denver star wars jacket.jpg
Working with you two helped me in ways beyond the fabulous pictures. For once I felt confident and worthy despite what my outward appearance was.
— Ms. A

The contrast of “nerdy” outfits with sexy lingerie creates a striking effect that celebrates the complete and beautiful essence of Ms. A on this busy, bustling planet.

boudoir photography denver curves blonde bodysuit.jpg
boudoir photography denver shadows floor pose.jpg
boudoir photography denver bodysuit blue couch fishnets.jpg
boudoir photography denver bodysuit fishnets tattoos.jpg
boudoir photography denver fireplace bodysuit blonde.jpg
boudoir photography denver nerdy spiderman bodysuit.jpg

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Mr. and Mrs. N | Couples Boudoir | Denver

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Mr. and Mrs. N | Couples Boudoir | Denver

Meet Mr. & Mrs. N

male boudoir dudoir photography denver dress shirt tie.jpg

One of the things that makes us feel great is when we get repeat clients.

Even better, is when they bring their significant other to do a boudoir session with them!

Mrs. N visited our LoHi studio to make a very special present for her husband. He loved the photos so much that he was inspired to visit us for a dudoir session.

She even joined for a few photos!

dudoir male boudoir photography denver jeans couch.jpg

Working with guys presents its own unique challenges, so it’s understandable when some guys are nervous.

male boudoir photography denver dudoir biceps forearms.jpg

We go through a lot of the same preparations that we do for our female clients.

There are the initial emails where we find out what you want to do with your session. We give you tips and advice.

We go the extra mile to make sure everyone feels warmly welcomed and comfortable!

When you feel relaxed, your inner sexiness shines through!

Every guy still gets the royal treatment:


Some bubbly.

A goodie bag full of skincare products and more snacks.

We have the best makeup and hair artists in Denver, to ensure that your masculine energy radiates through the camera.

We loved our guys in all shapes and sizes. Often times, you’re at your sexiest when you’re just being yourself.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been hypnotized by my husband as he’s working on his motorcycle or washing the dishes.

Something about his sleeves being rolled up and watching the muscles on his forearms…

Mr. N did an amazing job settling into himself. Take a look for yourself at how graceful and powerful these pictures turned out!

We love the contrast of his well-toned body with the plush luxury of the vintage furniture in our studio.

Then when you add Mrs. N to the mix…

couples boudoir photography denver bed.jpg
couples boudoir photography denver male dudoir.jpg

Well, let’s just say we were tempted to crack open a window since it was getting so hot in there!

We loved the chemistry between these two. It was a great change of pace to capture their love and sexual tension.

We feel honored that so many people trust Under the Garter to create their forever memories through our boudoir photography.

We’ve found that it’s the perfect way to create a snapshot of this point in your life, to celebrate yourself and each other, and to create a unique, one-of-a-kind present that you just can’t get anywhere else!

We hope that Mr. and Mrs. N love their photos for years to come!

couples boudoir photography denver dudoir couch candles.jpg
boudoir photography denver male dudoir tank top.jpg
boudoir photography denver male dudoir fit tank top.jpg
boudoir photography denver male dudoir weight lifting.jpg
couples boudoir photography denver asian.jpg
male boudoir photography denver dudoir dress shirt business.jpg
male boudoir photography denver dudoir dress shirt.jpg
couples boudoir photography denver male dudoir.jpg
couples boudoir photography denver burgundy bodysuit.jpg

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