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Husband and Wife Team

If the Devil is in the details, then you two are downright sinful. All of the little things made this incredible. Thanks so much!
— Mr. C.
Wedding photo of Melissa and Ray Trout getting married in the Colorado Rockies
You are meant for empowing women and doing a damn good job at it! You two are a power couple!
— Mrs. M

Melissa Trout, Co Owner

Boudoir photography coordinator Melissa Trout
It’s my passion to create gorgeous portraits of women. Sometimes, it can be hard to see the real you in the mirror. Work, kids, bills — the list goes on. Life is stressful, and that can make it hard for women to see just how beautiful they are. Myself included! I know first hand that women can be their own worst critics, and sometimes forget themselves. What better way to cut through everything that stands in the way of you seeing your own unique beauty than getting luxury boudoir photo shoot, complete with pro hair, boudoir makeover and a massage? It’s an amazing experience, one you’ll never forget, because you’ll have proof in sexy, elegant and glamourous portraits.
— Melissa

Ray Trout, Co Owner

Now that you’ve met the better half, meet the other half of Under the Garter. I’ve been a professional photographer, videographer and commercial video editor for nearly 20 years. Thanks for reading this far. Me? I’d just go back and stare at Melissa’s photo for a while. Guess what? Your husband, boyfriend or partner will do the same when they see the boudoir portraits we’ll create of you. Sure, we’ll direct you and pose you to give you the sexiest possible photos, but the best part is all about you! There is a moment in the session when your personality comes through, and that’s when the magic happens! It’s a spark in your eyes, a moment of laughter or maybe the way you look when you toss your hair or draw a breath. BAM! Gorgeous! From that moment, the photographer can do no wrong. I’m just capturing moments of you being you and my job gets easy. Thanks for being so beautiful. We can’t wait to meet you.
— Ray
Boudoir photographer, Ray Trout