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Under the garter


Under the garter

Husband and Wife Team

If the Devil is in the details, then you two are downright sinful. All of the little things made this incredible. Thanks so much!
— Mr. C.
   Wedding photo   of Melissa and Ray Trout getting married in the Colorado Rockies
You are meant for empowing women and doing a damn good job at it! You two are a power couple!
— Mrs. M

Melissa Trout, Co Owner

   Boudoir photography   coordinator Melissa Trout
It’s my passion to create gorgeous portraits of people. Sometimes, it can be hard to see the real you in the mirror. Work, kids, bills — the list goes on. Life is stressful, and that can make it hard for us to see just how beautiful we are. Myself included! I know first hand that we can be our own worst critics, and sometimes forget ourselves. What better way to cut through this distortion than getting luxury boudoir photo shoot, complete with pro hair, boudoir makeover and a massage? It’s an amazing experience, one you’ll never forget, because you’ll have proof in sexy, elegant and glamorous portraits.
— Melissa

Ray Trout, Co Owner

I’ve been a professional photographer, videographer and commercial video editor for nearly 20 years. There is a moment in the session when your personality comes through, and that’s when the magic happens! Sure, we’ll direct you and pose you to give you the most sensual photos possible, but our job is to capture your innate beauty. It’s a spark in your eyes, a moment of laughter or maybe the way you look when you toss your hair or draw a breath. From that moment, I’m just capturing moments of you being you. That’s the beauty of boudoir: celebrating the unique beauty of you!
— Ray
   Boudoir photographer,   Ray Trout



Under the Garter provides a relaxing and playful environment to explore your rich fantasy world and inner sex kitten
— Brit

Build Confidence

At Under the Garter, we want you to discover the power of boudoir photography to help you feel more confident and sexy. That part of you hidden under the stress of work, caring for the home, taking care of children, paying bills...

Boudoir photography is for all you!

Come find the real, confident you that's been hiding!


How we make you feel beautiful

  • We employ a professional team to spoil you and give you a sexy makeover for your photo shoot.
  • Ally will apply airbrush makeup, making you look absolutely flawless.
  • Kaylee will transform your locks into silky, beautiful waves or curls. And the make-over doesn't end there.
  • We also include a gift certificate for either a professional facial from our licensed esthetician scheduled before your session, or a one-hour custom massage scheduled after your session.
  • Want beautiful photos of yourself, but aren't keen on the idea of posing in lingerie? We also offer fully-clothed glamour portraits (not to be confused with "glamour shots" you may have heard of) that make wonderful gifts and can also be used for head shots for your model portfolio.

Welcome. Have a glass of wine, relax, and prepare to meet the real you.




Your Privacy

Boudoir photographers are very discreet and will NEVER show any of your photos to anyone without your permission
— Huffington Post

We take your privacy very seriously. We know that your boudoir photos are intimate and want you to feel safe and comfortable during your session. Not every client wants to share their photos, while some clients prefer to share anonymous photos. We also give you the option of allowing us to put your photos in our studio, but not online. Whatever you decide is totally up to you and we will never pressure you to let us share your photos.  

Feel comfortable having your photos shared, but don't want them found when someone Googles your name? We never refer to you by your name and won't tag you on social media. We're happy to pick out an alias for you or you can share one that you'd like us to use. 

Have more questions about privacy? Contact us and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions!